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Keith Timber has built an outstanding reputation by providing a level of personal service unmatched in the industry.  We employ over 100 staff who offer friendly, down-to-earth service with specialists available to provide specific advice and quotations for any individual requirement.

We recognise the roles that experience and training play in equipping our staff to have the knowledge that you expect them to have.  That is why many of our people have been recruited with industry experience, and also why we entrust their training to leading industry organisations like TABMA and HIA, for example.

Management and staff share a total commitment to ensure that each customer’s needs are quickly and effectively fulfilled. 


Keith Timber Sales Representatives

While Keith Timber has changed a lot over the years, we have never lost sight of our old fashioned values of integrity and personalised face-to-face service!  Our experienced sales representatives are available to visit on-site to discuss supply requirements for specific building projects.

Keith Timber has six well trained, experienced sales representatives helping builders with estimating, onsite advice and product support, ensuring minimal down time and those materials arrive to site in full and on time.

Each Sales Representative works closely with their in-store Production Consultant who coordinates the deliveries, special orders and compliance documents that relate to their specific project needs.  Working closely with our sales representatives and our clients, they work to ensure that ordered goods are delivered in full and on time, to ensure the best possible service is available to our clients.